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Endoscopes - videoprobes

Endoscopes - what are they?

Endoscopes, also known as video cameras, are devices designed to monitor the operation or wear of mechanisms in inaccessible and hard-to-see places through a probe. Nowadays, all endoscopes-video cameras are of a high standard, which makes it easier for mechanics to perform repair work. The camera endoscope helps mechanics watch live, film, and photograph the operation of the mechanisms, wear, or even, for example, if a small bolt or nut has fallen somewhere deep, to see and pull it out.
The purpose of endoscopes - video cameras in the field of vehicle repair is quite clear. A mechanic can see everything live on the screen where there is no other way live. With the help of the probe, you can see the image in depth and in the dark through the screen of the device, as the probe head has a flashlight, so the resolution is really high. Also, a head is added to the endoscope kit to act specifically as a mirror. To be more precise, the image can also be seen at 180 degrees, which allows the mechanic to see the image vertically behind the probe inserts. A magnetic head is also included in the kit, which allows you to see an accurate image through the endoscope screen and attract the fallen head with the probe head when a nut, bolt or other small part is dropped.
Using the device itself is not complicated. Mechanics can understand it in a few uses. The very user interface of manufacturers of endoscopes is designed to be very simple. The device usually has buttons: which allow you to set the movie or photo mode; a button that allows you to zoom in or out on the image; a button that determines whether the probe head lamp is set stronger or weaker; a button that detects recording or live viewing; button that allows you to switch to the functions of the endoscope.

How to choose a video camera-endoscope?

Video camera-endoscope can be divided into different ways. One of the main criteria is the shape of the device. The endoscope can be autonomous, i. that it will immediately have a screen with a probe, which is the best-selling and most attractive option. The second most popular method is an endoscope probe, where it is connected to a smartphone or tablet, then the program is recorded on an external device. But endoscopes can be and immediately with tablets, this is a new type that is becoming more popular as it is the most professional level.

What determines the price of a car endoscope?

With the advent of endoscopes, the work of mechanics has become much easier. The endoscope can be purchased directly online through our e-shop, and if you need a consultation, contact the company's managers directly. Prices vary, but they are certainly not expensive, the cheapest good quality endoscope available for a few hundred euros. The promotion is one way to buy a car endoscope cheaper. So such an endoscope investment will pay off really quickly as it will make your job easier every day. We sell only high-quality endoscopes from AUTEL and other manufacturers, and the feedback and recommendations for video cameras are only positive.

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