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Pneumohydraulic pit lift AC Hydraulic GD100-1
Pneumohydraulic pit lift AC Hydraulic GD100-1
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Pneumohydraulic pit lift AC Hydraulic GD100-1

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Pneumohydraulic pit lift AC Hydraulic GD100-1

AC-Hydraulic, Denmark; Warranty: 3 years for hydraulics and 10 years for body parts

Standard pneumatic-hydraulic single cylinder pit hoist


- Fast and accurate pneumatic-hydraulic axle hoist with high-speed cylinder
- Simple modern design with control panel and ergonomic working height
- Can be adapted for use with all trucks due to its adjustable body
- The height of the casing is adjusted and adjusted according to the customer's requirements
- Integrated leaf spring bearings for easy cylinder creep
- Wide range of applications: transverse beam, gearbox support, support bridge and similar applications
- Manufacturer: Denmark
- Warranty: 3 years

Technical parameters:

- Lifting capacity: 10 tonnes
- Stroke of piston: 800 mm
- Minimum height: 1020 mm
- Maximum height: 1820 mm
- Lift Width: 590-890 / 850-1150 / 1110-1410mm
- Lift width: 665 mm
- Required compressed air pressure: 8 - 12 bar
- Required compressed air flow: 350 L / min
- Weight: 220 kg

Additional equipment:

- AB: 20 ​​tonne caliper support for safe and stable vehicle support
- ABT: 15 tons Adjustable caliper support, adjustable for all pits
- S200: Integrated mechanical safety stand to prevent accidental lowering
- AS3: 1 ton gearbox mounting attachment with 2 belts and 4 rubber soles with magnets
- T4-1: Transverse beam 20 tons
- T5-1: 15-11.5 ton transverse beam for long axles
- T6-1: 13-ton cross bar, easily adjustable by hand wheel
- FW2: V-shaped nozzle, suitable for lifting various axles
- US: U-shaped nozzle for lifting under various body profiles
- FG100: Lift height increase 100 mm
- FG200: Lift height increase 200 mm
- VB1: Strong wall support for supports and extensions (up to 4 pcs.)