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HEX-NET Pro diagnostic equipment (Wifi version)
HEX-NET Pro diagnostic equipment (Wifi version)

HEX-NET Pro diagnostic equipment (Wifi version)

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HEX-NET Pro diagnostic equipment (Wifi version)

This is the original HEX-NET Pro diagnostic equipment with an unlimited car VIN version. The HEX-NET Pro WiFi Interface connects to a VCDS wireless WiFi connection or simply a USB cable. This allows you to turn a simple PC with Windows software into a manufacturer-level diagnostic system for VW, Audi, Seat or Škoda cars. At no extra cost, HEX-NET can be connected to the VCDS-Mobile software on your phone wirelessly, allowing you to perform all VCDS functions without a specific computer.

Compatible with:

HEX-NET (Wifi version) diagnostic equipment is a fast, secure and very versatile device for computer diagnostics. HEX-NET is the fastest Ross-Tech interface ever made. It can perform AutoScan for 2005 and later models up to 3 times faster than the HEX-USB + CAN interface. The HEX-NET interface supports USB and Wi-Fi, so it can be used in several different ways:

- All functions via USB connection with Windows PC via standard VCDS software;

- All functions via Wi-Fi connection to Windows PC via standard VCDS software;

- Basic functions via Wi-Fi connection in Access mode, connecting to a PC or smart device using VCDS-Mobile application;

- All functions via Wi-Fi connection in Infrastructure mode, connecting to a PC or smart device using the VCDS-Mobile application (requires Wi-Fi network with Internet access).


- Reading and deleting error codes;

- Scan of control unit identification parameters;

- Parameter analysis in real time and graphical representation;

- Activation of car components;

- Coding and adaptations;

- Changing service parameters;

- Automatic control unit search;

- Basic settings;

- Etc.

Functions are performed not only in the control unit of a diesel or petrol engine, but also in modules such as: automatic transmission, brake release system (ABS), stability control system (ESP), climate control, central electrical package, airbags, power steering, instrument panel, central locking, immobilizer, navigation, radio, multifunction monitor, xenon headlights, CAN network, etc.

It is fully compatible with all VW / Audi / Seat / Škoda models up to this year, including models using CAN and UDS / ODX protocols.

- Has a database of more than 20,000 fault codes.

- Can use new 7-digit PIN / SKC codes to match new keys for all immobilizers installed on VW / AUDI / Seat / Škoda models.

- Allows you to view, record, graph groups of 3 measured blocks simultaneously.

- Has access to all control elements that require the company's VAG mode operating according to the KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, many 2002+ modules), KWP6000 (CAN) and KWP7000 (UDS).

- Can graphically display critical ignition time information for TDI engines

It has WiFi, internal storage, and the power required for the power-intensive WiFi module and support for the very low-power feature that allows the HEX-NET to be permanently installed in the car. HEX-NET works with the mobile version of VCDS-Mobile

HEX-NET diagnostic equipment allows you to store data received with VCDS-Mobile in the cloud, so that if you lose your HEX-NET, you will not lose your data. HEX-NET also provides access to data virtually, with any device via the cloud. In addition, some of the features of VCDS-Mobile are implemented on the server rather than on the interface.


- HEX-NET / HEX-V2 interfaces must be registered with Ross-Tech for the first 10 logins. Registration must be done on-line using a computer.

- VCDS => Go to [Options] and click [Config] with the USB connection, then press [Registration] and fill in the form.

- Also, customers are encouraged to sign up here:

Required technical parameters:

- Microsoft Windows® versions from XP to existing Windows 10

- Apple iPad®, iPhone®, etc.

- For most Android® phones and tablets

- Blackberry Z10®, Q10®, etc.

- Microsoft Surface® & Windows Phone®

- KindleFire®, etc.