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Tool trolleys with tool sets

Trolleys with tools

Every mechanic needs a lot of tools when repairing cars. Probably the job wouldn’t go so smoothly if the mechanic was looking for or didn’t have one or the other tool. Because both mechanics and car repair enthusiasts don’t run out of tools and have to look for them, we offer a wide range of tool carts with tools. In this category you will find a wide range of trolleys, colors, materials, heights, sizes and number of tools. Different professional manufacturers provide all the possibilities of tools and trolleys in the product description, so you will find more information in the product description.
Trolleys with tools can be used
First, pay attention to the free space in your workshop, what size trolley you can afford to move freely in the workshop. The next step is to decide what budget you can allocate to the tool cabinet, depending on the number of tools, the size of the cabinet and the known quality. After answering these questions, responsibly assess what tools you will need, possibly it will be the minimum or maximum set. Then choose the mobile tool cabinet whose tools best suit your needs, note that many tool carts are individually assembled, to assemble an individual tool cart contact our manager and he will provide all the necessary information. Choose the tool cart table top that suits your needs, and notice that different carts have different additional functionalities that can make your daily work easier. Mobile tool carts have four wheels, two of them with brakes. Each tool cart also has a handle attached to easily move it from one place to another, or the second option is carts that resemble workbenches, they are not only designed to store and conveniently hold tools, but the cart serves as a desktop function.

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UAB Baltic Diagnostic Service has its stores in Kaunas and Vilnius. The delivery price of the equipment is not high, therefore we can deliver it to you all over Lithuania. You can view the equipment of our offered category online, and if necessary, the company's professional specialists will give you the best consultation. If necessary, spare parts and accessories are ordered, which will ensure easy, safe and high-quality work with new service equipment. During certain periods, a promotion is announced for one or another piece of equipment and certain equipment can be purchased cheaply, so we recommend choosing equipment from the stock section and buying equipment from us.

We represent the following manufacturers: Weber, SATA, YATO, Vorel, BDS Technic, Krauss Tools, Magneti Marelli and other manufacturers. Producer countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, China and other countries.

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Tool trolley with 177 pcs. tool set Tool trolley with 177 pcs. tool set
Sold out -11 %
Manufacturer:: Kiti
400.00 € 448.99 €
Tool cabinet with 302 tools
Sold out -20 %
Manufacturer:: Kiti
Tool cabinet with 302 toolsItem descriptionTool cabinet with STHOR tools. It has 6 drawers with 12 plastic modules with tools.The STHOR service cabinet contains 302 specially selected tools. The profile of the cabinets is made of steel sheets. Central locking and a separate closing mechanism for eac..
440.00 € 550.01 €
Manufacturer:: Redats
Tool trolley with 196 pcs. tool RedatsRedats, Poland; Description:- 6 drawers, 400 mm wide- Central locking for all drawers at the same time- Maximum drawer load 40 kg- The trolley table is covered with scratch resistant plastic- 125 mm diameter castors, four castors, two rear wheels, one with ..
450.00 €
- -
TOP -28 %
Manufacturer:: Kiti
499.00 € 697.00 €
Manufacturer:: Kiti
588.00 €
Manufacturer:: Redats
Tool cabinet with 420 pcs. tool RedatsRedats, Poland; Warranty: Description:- 6 drawers, 400 mm wide- Central locking for all drawers at the same time- Maximum drawer load 40 kg- The trolley table is covered with scratch resistant plastic- 125 mm diameter castors, four castors, two rear wheels,..
649.00 €
Manufacturer:: Kiti
Tool cabinet with 174 toolsTechnical parameters:Dimensions 724 x 470 x 867 mmDimensions with castors 724 x 470 x 1027 mm7 drawers:2 drawers 570 x 410 x 54 mm4 drawers 570 x 410 x 112 mm1 drawer 570 x 410 x 170 mmWeight 63 kgExtra locking for each drawerDrawer rails with bearings!5 "x 1.25" castersCo..
680.63 €
Manufacturer:: Kiti
686.07 €
Manufacturer:: Redats
Tool trolley Redats Blue with 420 pcs.Manufacturer - Redats; Country - PolandHigh quality tool trolley, the perfect choice for your workshop. A great tool cabinet, with seven drawers, in which you can find the most professional tools used in the workshop. The drawers have rails with bearings, a cent..
690.00 €
Manufacturer:: Kiti
Tool cabinet on wheels with 583 toolsTechnical parameters:Dimensions 688 x 458 x 735 mmDimensions with castors 688 x 458 x 885 mmLength with handle 710 mm2 drawers 589 x 409 x 480 mm2 drawers 589 x 409 x 100.5 mm2 drawers 589 x 409 x 745 mm1 drawer 589 x 409 x 153 mmPackaging dimensions 770 x 530 x ..
701.80 €
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