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GYS CARMIG body welding equipment
GYS CARMIG body welding equipment

GYS CARMIG body welding equipment

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GYS CARMIG body welding equipment

GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months



This welding machine is perfect for thin sheets of metal and has been designed to work with cars with a minimum current of 15A. The SMART user interface simplifies settings, saving the user time.

This CARMIG welding machine simplifies wire feed and voltage settings. Thanks to the SMART table, you select the required settings according to the thickness of the metal and the type of wire. Then, depending on the recommendations in the table, simply select: voltage (7 positions on the lever); setting the speed of the wire by setting the potentiometer on the specified color zone and fine-tuning if necessary.

- Welding wires: steel / stainless steel / CuSi3 / CuAl8 wire from 0.6 to 1.0 mm; Aluminum wire (AlMg5) 0.8 mm

- 400V three-phase power supply

- Euro burner 150 A - 3 m

- Wire feed motor with two 40W rollers

- Supports 5 and 15 kg wire spools (200 and 300 mm)

- Supports gas cylinders up to 10 m3

- Mobility thanks to 4 wheels, two of which are swivel

- Included: 1 pc. burner 150A, 3 meters; 1 pc. ground cable 200A, 3 meters (regulator not included)


Technical parameters:

- Power supply: 400V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

- Current: 10A

- Welding current: 15 - 200A

- Welding wire: 0.6 - 1.0 mm

- Welding coils: 200; 300 mm

- Welding current (EN60974-1): 110A 60%

- Dimensions: 470 x 770 x 790 mm

- Weight: 50 kg

- Code: 032132