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Car compressors

A car compressor that will be an indispensable device in the household, this compressor can inflate: a tire, mattress, ball, boat and other inflatable items. We offer a wide selection of professional compressors with a wide range of configurations. We advise on various issues from failures to the use of devices. We organize trainings and presentations of various equipment, during which customers are trained to work with the latest equipment. We provide a warranty period if required at an additional cost can be extended for a longer period. We deliver devices and equipment to the whole of Europe, if necessary, delivery to other countries of the world is possible. We sell only the highest professional equipment, so you will not be disappointed with the quality of the equipment.

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UAB Baltic Diagnostic Service has its stores in Kaunas and Vilnius. The delivery price of the equipment is not high, therefore we can deliver it to you all over Lithuania. You can view the equipment of our offered category online, and if necessary, the company's professional specialists will give you the best consultation. If necessary, spare parts and accessories are ordered, which will ensure easy, safe and high-quality work with new service equipment. During certain periods, a promotion is announced for one or another piece of equipment and certain equipment can be purchased cheaply, so we recommend choosing equipment from the stock section and buying equipment from us.


We represent the following manufacturers: GudePol, Walter and other manufacturers

Producer countries: Germany, Poland and other countries.

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Manufacturer:: Kiti
A powerful compressor with a precision manometer with a supply voltage of 12V. Designed for pumping wheels and inner tubes equipped with a valve in cars, motorbikes and bicycles, as well as - with the help of interchangeable tips - mattresses, inflatable boats, balls.information:power: 180Wmetal cyl..
40.00 €
Compressor car with LED lamp 12V / 250WPowerful compressor with accurate pressure gauge for wheels and inner tubes with valves, cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Mattresses, inflatable boats, balls can also be inflated using interchangeable nozzles. Because the compressor does not connect to the cigar..
50.00 €
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