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GYS Autopulse 220-M3 body welding machine
GYS Autopulse 220-M3 body welding machine

GYS Autopulse 220-M3 body welding machine

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GYS Autopulse 220-M3 body welding machine


GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months




The Autopulse 220-M3 features MIG / MAG welding equipment with a pulsation function integrated in three wire feeds. This welding machine is an ideal tool for body repairs. Integrated digital PFC (Power Factor Correction) provides pulsating welding quality comparable to three-phase welding machines. This welding machine is designed to achieve the highest quality parameters, so it is equipped with several modes of synergistic curves, which allows to obtain extremely high arc quality. The autopulse has an extremely wide range of applications: three welding torches for use with different materials, including steel, aluminum and solder (CuSi3 / CuAl8), which make it extremely productive. The intuitive user interface and high-precision wire feed are ideal for body repair work. High welding quality is guaranteed even when welding thin materials.

- Welding modes: standard, pulsating, pulse in pulse, cold pulsing and manual.

- Trigger modes: 2T, 4T, SPOT, DELAY and TACK functions.

- Precise control of the welding cycle: CreepSpeed, Softstart, Hotstart, Upslope, Downslope, Crate Fill, Post gas, etc.

- 2 special compartments for insulating the aluminum coil to prevent contamination: steel wire 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm; stainless steel wire 0.8 / 1.0 mm; aluminum wire 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm; CuSi is a CuAl substance 0.8 / 1.0 mm

- 57 (adjustable) synergistic curves ensure high-quality welding with a wide range of materials, wire sizes and gases.

- Fully synergistic mode calculates the optimal welding parameters automatically. The parameters (feed speed, voltage and current) can then be adjusted.

- Four microprocessors provide four times the operating speed.

- 3-wheel drive system with two active drive wheels

- Automatic burner setting by pressing the trigger.

- Balancing handle with torch holders (3 pcs.) And welding shield.

- Push-pull support (24V)

- Support for roller guns (perfect for soft wires (AlSi5 / AlSi12).

- New user interface, simplified and centralized according to bodybuilders' work routines.

- Large color display for easy control of welding cycle settings.

- 2 control levers and 4 buttons make navigating menus easy and intuitive.

- The device and software are easily updated with a USB key.

- Ability to save up to 500 welding programs.

- Reinforced construction

- Possibility to place 2 cylinders (2 x 4m3)

- Supplied with 3 burners: 1 pc. CuSi 150A burner, 3 meters long, 1.0 mm diameter wire; 1 pc. steel 150A torch, 3 meters long, 0.8 mm diameter wire; 1 pc. Aluminum 250A burner, 3 meters long, 1.2 mm diameter wire


Technical parameters:


- Power supply: 200> 240V; 1Ph

- Current: 16A

- Welding current: 15 - 220 A

- Welding wire: ø0.6 - 1.2 mm

- Welding wire spool diameter: up to ø200 mm

- Electronic control: 50W

- Wire feed: 0.5 - 20 m / min

- Operating mode (EN 60974-1): 150A 60% - 130A 100%

- Zero voltage: 80V

- Dimensions: 900 x 630 x 925 mm

- Weight: 69 kg

- Protection class: IP21

- Code: 036703