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Flywheel and clutch disc grinding machine Comec RTV600
Flywheel and clutch disc grinding machine Comec RTV600

Flywheel and clutch disc grinding machine Comec RTV600

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Flywheel and clutch disc grinding machine Comec RTV600

Brand Italy, Warranty 2 years


The RTV600 grinding machine is one of the most advanced ways to upgrade flywheels, clutch friction discs and pressure discs. Due to its flexibility, this device is also suitable for detailed machining of other round parts such as discs, rings or flanges.

The machine offers high torsional rigidity, thanks to an improved work system, as well as thanks to the use of durable materials such as cast iron in the housing, turntable, on top of the machine and hardened steel in the column. rotating table diameter - 450 mm, its surface is adjusted to easily secure the workpieces for machining. A magnetic plate can be installed on request. The rotating table is placed on a machined surface that is permanently coated with oil, thus reducing friction and wear and protecting the machine. The conical cup-shaped wheel is powered by a 4 kW motor to process any material to any desired depth. Standard equipment includes fast head movement, an efficient cooling system with a sediment tank and a wide range of equipment for quick and accurate positioning and mounting work.

The RTV612 with a 9 kW main engine can be ordered on request.

Standard equipment:

- Swivel table speed control equipment

- Adjustable tilting head equipment

- Providing power

- Protective shield

- Refrigeration equipment with pump and sediment tank

- Grinding wheel cover

- Cup-shaped grinding wheel for cast iron

- Set of centering cones

- Set of support rings

- Graduated counter with support

- Locking bolts and centering nut

- Lubricant for sliders

- Emulsion liquid

- Wrench set

- Instructions


- Maximum grinding diameter: 630 mm

- Turntable diameter: 450 mm

- Maximum distance between the wheel and the table: 220 mm

- Sharp grinding wheel diameter: 150 mm

- Grinding wheel speed: 2800 rpm

- Turning table speed: 5 ÷ 30 rpm

- Engine power: 4 kW

- Table motor power: 0.55 kW

- High-speed motor power: 0.18 kW

- Dimensions: 1200x900x1600 mm

- Weight: 710 kg