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Battery starter and charger GYS Startium 980E
Battery starter and charger GYS Startium 980E

Battery starter and charger GYS Startium 980E

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GYS Startium 980E battery charging and starting equipment

GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months


The STARTIUM 980E is an automatic and compact 12-24V battery starter and charger that can charge AGM / gel (stop / start) liquid batteries and start safely in modern cars.

Charging for all battery types: Possibility to select the charging curve according to the battery type: liquid, gel, AGM, etc. And if that’s not known, choose a universal mode that will ensure safe charging with all of these battery types. Choose from 4 charging outputs: 5A, 15A, 20A and 40A.

Safe automatic charging up to 100%: The advanced multi-step charger can charge up to 100% and requires no maintenance or removal of the battery from the car. At the end of charging, the charger enters support mode, which keeps the battery charged at 100%.

Smart: The device constantly checks the condition of the battery and automatically adjusts the output voltage. Voltage and charge level are displayed live on a digital display.

Car electronics protection: No need to disconnect the battery from the car. There is no risk of sparks, no voltage on the terminals when they are not connected to the battery.

Charging deeply discharged batteries: The STARTIUM device can charge batteries that are discharged up to 1V. Charging is only possible when the battery is damaged.

Timer: This feature allows safe charging when working with deeply discharged batteries (<1V)

SOS Recovery: Ability to recover oxidized batteries

Automatic start: The device starts automatically, sending current to the battery when the car starter function is activated.

Smart Start: The STARTIUM 980E automatically detects damaged or severely oxidized batteries. In this case, the device will not allow current to protect the car's electronics.

Automatic reload setting the last used parameters.

Generator testing feature for troubleshooting.

Error codes are displayed on the digital screen.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 230V / 1 phase / 50-60Hz

Current: 16A

Power: 2200 W

Supported batteries: 12 - 24V

Battery capacities: 20 - 750 Ah (12V); 20 - 525 Ah (24V)

Fuse: 250 A

Protection class: IP21

Dimensions: 400 x 475 x 795 mm

Weight: 36 kg

Code: 026506