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Spot welding equipment GYS gyspot Combi 230 E PRO
Spot welding equipment GYS gyspot Combi 230 E PRO

Spot welding equipment GYS gyspot Combi 230 E PRO

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Spot welding equipment GYS gyspot Combi 230 E PRO

GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months


New generation 2 in one dent straightening equipment. The Gyspot Combi 230 E PRO allows straightening of dents with both steel and aluminum car bodies. The new repair process, using single-point and multi-point traction, saves time and thus increases payback. This process does not require any removal or removal of the coating.

Tensile properties of steel:

- It is enough to select 2 parameters: output power level (out of 11 levels); the tool used (out of 7 tools). No need to select welding current or time.

- Automatic gun: welding starts automatically when the head is touched to the workpiece.

- Handgun: welding by pressing the trigger and touching the workpiece.

Aluminum tensile properties:

- Microprocessor control and digital display: adjustable voltage from 50V to 200V (with memory for the last voltage displayed), or power level from 0 to 10; stud detection; double copper ground plate fitted to the rifle.

- Technology: Strong capacitor discharge technology for welding M4 studs to all AlSi and AlMG aluminum sheets.


Technical parameters:


- Power supply: 230V, 50 / 60Hz

- Average current: 3800 A (for steel)

- Maximum current: 3800 A (for steel); 7500 A (for aluminum)

- Synergistic mode: yes

- Voltage: 7.4 V (for steel); 50 - 200 V (for aluminum)

- Fuse: 16A

- Dimensions: 450 x 430 x 290 mm

- Weight: 49.7 kg

- Code: 021266




For steel straightening:

- Ground cable, 2 meters, 70 mm2 with connection

- 2 multifunction pistols (2 meter cables, 70 mm2 cable, with connectors): inertial hammer is used to straighten dents with stars; welding of studs, rivets, rings; contact shrinkage, graphite pencil,

- Full box of accessories and materials used

- Power cable: 8 meters

For aluminum straightening:

- 1 pistol (3 meter cable, 25 mm2 diameter, with connector)

- For welding M4 studs: Aluminum magnesium; aluminum silicon.

- 3 pcs, brass lowering plates adapted to the pistol, for quick and easy contact directly with the straightening part.

- Full box of accessories and used parts.