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Preparation camera BD-5300
Preparation camera BD-5300

Preparation camera BD-5300

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Preparation camera BD-5300


External dimensions: 7550 x 3550 x 3500 mm

Internal dimensions: 6300 x 3450 x 2800 mm

Total power: 8.7 kW

Rear wall: EPS powder coated plate 50 mm thick, 0.4 mm thick steel. Three sides are covered with PVC curtains

Base: two rows of gratings and three rows of metal slabs (fully slatted floor to order)

Inclusion fan: 1 pc. 7.5 kW with type M pre-filter. Electric valve 1 pc.

Fan capacity: 21000 m3 / h

Lighting: 32 pcs. 36W Philips lamps

Mounting: 6 support columns or suspended from the ceiling (on request)

Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3 Phases (different voltage on request)

Direct start engine