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Mobile scissor lift (metric) ATH-Flex Lift 30Z
Mobile scissor lift (metric) ATH-Flex Lift 30Z

Mobile scissor lift (metric) ATH-Flex Lift 30Z

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Mobile scissor lift (metric) ATH-Flex Lift 30Z

Mobile, galvanized medium lift with mechanical synchronization, which is connected to the pavement.

Country of origin: ATH-Heinl (Germany); Warranty 36 months


- Mobile medium lift with repositioning kit

- Lift suitable for painting and body work, brake and tire service. Using little space.

- Galvanized (ATH-Flex Lift 30Z: 680008-FZ) or powder coated (ATH-Flex Lift 30: 680008)

- No electrical limit switches, no problems with possible moisture or direct water ingress

- Easy to operate; can be built on any floor and plain ground without any fixing work

- Dual hydraulic cylinder system with hydraulic earthing protection does not require any additional air or compressor connection

- Fast lifting from the ground

- Mechanical synchronization with cross connection on the ground

- The mobile 230 V control module is easy to move and install where convenient

- Reinforced hoses protect the hydraulics from damage

- Possibility to extend platforms with additional equipment

Technical parameters

- Maximum load: 3000kg

- Lifting height: 100 - 960 mm

- Lifting speed with load: 21s

- Release speed with load: 21s

- Lifting platform length: 1450 - 2030 mm

- Width of the lifting platform: 530 mm

- Mobility: Yes

- Lifting engine power: 1.5 kw

- Power supply / frequency: 230 V / 50Hz

- Short circuit protection: C16 A

- Oil content: 10 liters

- Weight: 590 kg