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DPF filter cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS-16
DPF filter cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS-16

DPF filter cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS-16

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DPF filter cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS-16

Carbon Clean, United Kingdom


Clearing a clogged DPF was a time consuming and costly process. However, now that DCS-16 is used in conjunction with Carbon Clean DPF ProClean Treatment, a clogged DPF can be completely restored in a very short time and at an extremely low cost. ProClean Treatment Fluid will also protect the DPF filter after washing using the latest Nano-Catalyst technology.

The DCS-16 is designed to be versatile and easy to use, making the universal adapter suitable for 99% of DPF models.

Who is the DPF car wash for?

This equipment is designed to safely remove all contaminants from inside the Particulate Filter. The filter is plugged with a special stopper (supplied with DCS-16) and filled with PowerCleaner liquid. The filter is then left to stand for 20 to 30 minutes. The cleaner reacts with filter clogging materials and releases sediment and soot from all internal surfaces of the filter. The DPF filter is then connected to the DCS-16 system, which washes the high-pressure filter and flushes out any contaminants.

Following the cleaning procedure with the DCS-16, the continued use of DPF PowerProtect fluid can extend the life of the DPF filter. After washing, PowerProtect fluid is added to the DPF through the outlet while rotating the filter to ensure the fullest possible internal coverage. The liquid is absorbed by the DPF filter to form a Nano-Catalytic coating on the filter surface. The nano-catalytic coating reduces the combustion temperature of soot (400 ° C instead of 650 ° C), thus slowing down the accumulation of contaminants in the filter and thus improving the efficiency of the car's DPF cleaning function.


DCS-16 DPF washing equipment: technical parameters:

- Model: DCS-16

- Engine: 4-6 bar compressor

- Cleaning agents: cleaner / water / air

- Method of operation: Solenoid valve with timer relay

- Display: analog pressure gauge

- Air tank: 15 l

- Dimensions: 400 x 900 x 1120 mm (width x length x height)

- Weight: 60 kg

- Power supply: 220V / 60Hz