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DPF cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS - 20
DPF cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS - 20

DPF cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS - 20

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DPF cleaning equipment Carbon Clean DCS - 20


The DCS20 high pressure cleaning system uses compressed air and water to clean the filters.

This equipment has special adapters to connect to almost all DPF filters, from small cars to large commercial vehicles. Easy connection in a spacious chamber, then there is a remote control unit for positioning the filter inside. The water heater and pump are then switched on using the control unit. The water is soon fed into the filter, then the pressure is set using the control unit and the filter is cleaned with a high-pressure water jet. Depending on the size of the filter (usually about 30 minutes), the high-pressure cleaning is switched off and the hair dryer is switched on to dry the filter.

Every 500 kilometers, the DPF filter is thermally renewed. The filter is heated to burn off particulates and soot, then most of it is removed through a muffler. However, this regeneration method has not been found to be appropriate and the filter is not completely cleaned. During each renewal, residual exhaust gas accumulates in the filter and can clog it completely over time.

Carbon Clean DPF filter cleaning equipment cleans the filter quickly and completely, the amount of dirt and particles is equal to the new DPF filter.


- Changing the position of the remote control filter.

- Cleaning of EURO 4 and DPF DPF.

- 3KW heater.

- Cleaning of DOC / DPF / SCR catalysts.

- Suitable for both small and commercial filters.

- Neat and clean cleaning area.

Technical specifications:

- Cleaning agent: Chemistry / water / air.

- Working principle: time relay controlled solenoid valve

- Display: Analog / Digital

- Air tank: 30L

- Dimensions: 1475 x 900 x 2050 mm

- Internal dimensions: 860 x 1300 x 1080 mm

- Weight: 470 kg - Power supply: 220V / 60Hz / 32A

- Applicability: Cars, boats, all commercial vehicles, agricultural transport engines

- Air pressure: 2-10 Bar