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Battery starter GYS Startpack Truck
Battery starter GYS Startpack Truck

Battery starter GYS Startpack Truck

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GYS STARTPACK Truck battery starter


GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months




- Two in one: starter and power supply

- Instant launch

- LED bulb

- 12V DC power supply

- STARTPACK TRUCK instantly starts cars, campers, vans, trucks, both diesel and petrol.

- Two integrated 22Ah batteries turn the STARTPACK TRUCK into a very useful portable 12V power supply for many devices: TVs, luminaires, computers, etc.

- Integrated light: suitable for use at night or in low light environments. The LED bulb consists of 7 x 3.6 W bulbs

- Automatic charging 230V / 12V: maintenance of the internal battery without maintenance. Battery charge up to 100%, extending its longevity and efficiency. Can be stored permanently with food.

- Integrated tester, check the internal battery charge level.

- ON / OFF switch to prevent unintentional use.

- Warning signal when poles are mixed.

- Copper cables 2 x 1.30 m, 25 mm2 in diameter with insulated 600A terminals.

- Equipped with easily replaceable external fuse.


Technical parameters:


- Internal battery capacity: 2 x 22 Ah

- Suitable for batteries: 12 - 24V

- Starting current for semi-charged batteries: 750A (12V); 650A (24V)

- Starting current for fully discharged batteries: 1450A (12V); 1300A (24V)

- Maximum current: 3200A (12V); 1600A (24V)

- Fuse: 300A

- Dimensions: 390 x 225 x 500 mm

- Weight: 16 kg

- Code: 025448