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Battery starter and charger GYS Neostart 620
Battery starter and charger GYS Neostart 620
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Battery starter and charger GYS Neostart 620

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Battery starter and charger GYS Neostart 620

GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months


Charging function: battery booster-charger Neostart 620 can charge 12 and 24V lead acid batteries from 20 to 1350 Ah. This is a standard charger. The loading process needs to be monitored.

Start function: The Neostart 620 can start cars with 12 or 24V lead-acid batteries from 45 to 200 Ah. Pre-charging may be required to provide enough power to start the car.

High-power standard battery charging and discharging cable for instant release of even the deepest discharged batteries.

The Neostart 620 is protected against short circuits, pole reversals and overloads

Equipped with a tank for cables and terminals

Integrated castors for mobility

Cables 16 mm2 in diameter, cable lengths: 2 m red, 1.8 m black

Brass terminals

Fuse visible and easily accessible on the outside

Large ammeter

Maximum charging power: 1600 W

Maximum starting power: 10 kW


Technical parameters:

Power supply: 230V / 1 phase / 50-60Hz

Current: 16A

Power: 3100 W

Supported batteries: 12 - 24V

Battery capacity: 20 - 1350 Ah

RMS current: 90A

Average charging current: 60A

Starting current for semi-charged batteries: 360A

Starting current for fully discharged batteries: 620A

Fuse: 200 A

Protection class: IP21

Dimensions: 470 x 320 x 270 mm

Weight: 24.0 kg

Code: 025288