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Battery starter and charger GYS Diag-Startium 60-24
Battery starter and charger GYS Diag-Startium 60-24

Battery starter and charger GYS Diag-Startium 60-24

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Battery charging and starting equipment GYS Diag-Startium 60-24


GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months




The DIAG-STARTIUM 60-24 is a 3 in one advanced battery charger, starter and battery maintenance tool that will meet all the requirements of modern service.

- Charging for all battery types: possibility to select the charging curve according to the battery type: liquid, gel, AGM, etc. And if that’s not known, choose a universal mode that will ensure safe charging with all of these battery types.

- Safe automatic charging up to 100%: The advanced multi-step charger can charge up to 100% and requires no maintenance or removal of the battery from the car. At the end of charging, the charger enters support mode, which keeps the battery charged at 100%.

- Smart: The device constantly checks the condition of the battery and automatically adjusts the output voltage. Voltage and charge level are displayed live on a digital display.

- Car electronics protection: No need to disconnect the battery from the car. There is no risk of sparks, no voltage on the terminals when they are not connected to the battery.

- Charging deeply discharged batteries: The DIAG-STARTIUM device can charge batteries that are discharged up to 1V. Charging is only possible when the battery is damaged.

- Timer: This feature allows safe charging when working with deeply discharged batteries (<1V)

- SOS recovery: possibility to restore oxidized batteries

- Automatic start: The device starts automatically, sending current to the battery when the car's starter function is activated.

- Smart start: The DIAG-STARTIUM 60-24 automatically detects damaged or severely oxidized batteries. In this case, the device will not allow current to protect the car's electronics.

- Battery maintenance: Diag-Startium 60-24 provides up to 60A for diagnostic work. Select the DIAG + function and set the voltage (12 - 15V) according to the manufacturer's requirements.

- Automatic reload setting the last used parameters.

- Generator testing feature for troubleshooting.

- Error codes are displayed on the digital screen.


Technical parameters:


- Dimensions: 230V / 1 phase / 50-60Hz

- Current: 16A

- Power: 2000 W

- Supported batteries: 6, 12, 24V

- Battery capacity: 20 - 900 Ah (6 - 12V); 20 - 550 Ah (24V)

- Starting current for semi-charged batteries: 300A (12V); 280A (24V)

- Starting current for fully discharged batteries: 430A (12V); 410A (24V)

- Fuse: 200A

- Protection class: IP21

- Dimensions: 475 x 520 x 900 mm

- Weight: 34 kg

- Code: 026520