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Autorobot B10 body leveling stand
Autorobot B10 body leveling stand

Autorobot B10 body leveling stand

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Autorobot B10 body leveling stand

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland;


The Autorobot production B10 is an extremely versatile multifunctional body straightening stand. With cleverly adapted access ramps, a scissor lift, ultra-fast vehicle locking, a universal towing tower, ease of use and economical expansion, the B10 is unbeatable at a similar price point from other manufacturers. The innovative design makes it easy to reach the underside of the car for body repairs, measurements, service and other repairs. The entire stand can be easily moved to another location in just a few minutes.

Technical parameters:

Lifting capacity: 3000 kg;

Lifting height: 1.5 m;

Tensile capacity: ~ 10 tons;

Max. car length: 5.5 m;

Required power: air pressure;

Required free space: 4.5 x 7 m (in case of ramps);

Weight: 1000 kg.