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Air dehumidifier HDX-E 100
Air dehumidifier HDX-E 100

Air dehumidifier HDX-E 100

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Air dehumidifier HDX-E 100

Manufacturer GudePol (Poland), warranty 2 years


The goal of the HDX series dehumidifiers is to achieve a compact design and the highest exhaust air quality. The heat exchange system is filled with an environmentally friendly R134a conditioning fluid. The operation of the dehumidifier is automated and optimized for energy savings. The HDX system consists of a freezer dehumidifier, a fine filter, a finite filter and a condensate drain.

HDX series dehumidifiers are perfect for the following jobs:

For high quality painting

For drying and cleaning

For packing

Cutting equipment

CNC machine tools


Power: 0.37 kW

Yield: 1700 l / min

Maximum pressure: 16 bar

Connections: 3/4 "

Supply voltage / number of phases / frequency: 230V / 1 / 50Hz

Dimensions: 480x480x840 mm

Weight: 51 kg