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Castex sanding box 220l
Castex sanding box 220l

Castex sanding box 220l

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Castex sanding box 220l

Manufacturer: Castex, Poland;


This sandbox is perfect for renovation, maintenance, cleaning of large and small surfaces and many other jobs.

Technical parameters:

Box volume: 220 l

Internal dimensions of the box (1 height x 2 height x length x width): 35.2 x 55.9 x 56.0 x 85.0 cm

Operating pressure: 2.5 - 5.5 bar

Dimensions of the observation window: 57.3 x 26.6 cm

Nozzle diameter: 4, 5, 6, 7 mm

Required air source:> 400 l / min

Weight: 50 kg

Code: T63002A