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Body tipper 1700 kg
Body tipper 1700 kg

Body tipper 1700 kg

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Body tipper 1700 kg


These Danish body rollers are characterized by extremely high construction quality and comfort and safety. This equipment gives full access to the bottom of the body, which will allow better repair work. Very suitable for all body work, including anti-rust coating of the lower body, adjustment, welding, replacement of mechanical parts and exhaust pipe work. No need to stand under the car, no more getting dirty when cleaning or covering the bottom of the body while standing under it, better lighting options. The translators are easy to use, one person can turn the car at a 90 ° angle. Suitable for car and SUV bodies. About 2.6 m of free space is required. The internal locking mechanism allows you to turn the car at an adjustable angle (15 positions) from 0 to 90 °.

The tipper consists of two housings with locking mechanisms (one at the front, the other at the rear, thus providing greater stability for heavier bodies). The equipment is equipped with adapters for cars with or without axles, damping. This is done by screwing the beams to the bumper base or to the body itself. Fully adjustable. Bending of the body or tipper is not possible (when used as directed).

Technical data:

Lifting capacity: 1700 kg

2 Enclosures with locking mechanisms

1 jack adapter

Tested by TUV Germany