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Truck painting camera BD-6900
Truck painting camera BD-6900

Truck painting camera BD-6900

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Truck painting camera BD-6900

Technical data:

General information:

Total power: 20 kW, 380V / 3 phases / 50Hz

Color: blue, white


External dimensions: 12150 x 6096 x 4100 mm

Internal dimensions: 12000 x 4500 x 3500 mm

Main door: 3300 x 3400 mm (with handle)

Staff door: 600 x 2000 mm (with handle)

* Standard dimensions are provided, all dimensions can be adjusted to order. Please contact the listed contacts to calculate the price after resizing.

Walls and ceilings:

75 mm thick panels, EPS foam insulation between two steel panels

Floor system:

Two rows of pits.

Pit dimensions: 10000 x 750 mm (Length x width)

Heating system:

Diesel burner (Riello RG5S) 2 pcs., 400,000 kcal / h

Heat exchanger (stainless steel) 2 pcs.

Baking temperature of 60 ~ 80 ° C is reached in 5 - 10 minutes

Housing 2 pcs., Ducts 4 pcs.

* Gas ​​burner also available on request. Contact the indicated contacts for the price.

Filtration system:

Main filter 1 pcs., Filtration efficiency> 83%

Air intake filter 1 unit, filtration efficiency> 97%

Air extraction filter 1 unit, filtration efficiency> 70%

Glass wool filter

Activated carbon filter

Ventilation system:

Air intake fans 4 pcs., Centrifugal fans 4.0 kW, air capacity: 12500 m3 / h

Exhaust fans 2 pcs., Centrifugal fans 7.5 kW, air capacity: 20000 m3 / h

Housing for fans 2 pcs., Ducts 6 pcs., Electric damper 2 pcs.

* Minimum quantity of ducts to complete the required number of ducts with the painting chamber must be provided in advance. We recommend installing the ducts yourself.


Ceiling lamps 64 pcs., 36W each

Side lamps 40 pcs., 36W each

* Available between neon and LED lamps.

Control panel:

1 pc., With paint switch, baking switch, light switch, emergency brake, etc.

Other information:

The set includes all equipment, connections, insulation, seals, screws, etc.