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Tire fitting machine ATH M72 (Germany)
Tire fitting machine ATH M72 (Germany)

Tire fitting machine ATH M72 (Germany)

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Pneumatic impact nut 1/2 "1500 Nm

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Tire fitting machine ATH M72 (Germany)

Country of origin: ATH-Heinl (Germany); Warranty 3 years


The machine body is coated with high quality powder coating;

Clamping range 9 "to 26" (outer);

Two speeds (6 and 12rpm);

Pneumatic mounting head, automatically adjustable vertical / horizontal distance control;

Squeezing press with jam protection;

Wheel alignment with four gripper system, 2 double-acting clamping cylinders;

Pedal block with aluminum valves and ergonomic pedal layout.


Technical data:

Power: 0.75 kW / 0.90 kW

Supply voltage: 3/400 V / 50 Hz

Internal clamping limits 9 "- 26"

External clamping limits 11 "- 30"

The stroke of the compression press is 83 - 350 mm

Pressing force: 2500 kg

Working pressure: 10 bar

Rim width: 4-13 "

Noise level: 70 dB (A)

Mounting table rotation speed: 6/12 RPM

Max. Wheel diameter 1050 mm

Weight: 361 kg

Auxiliary pneumatic mounting accessory ATH A34

This is especially convenient for mounting large diameter wheels, low profile tires and run-flat tires with reinforced edges.

It is possible to order an auxiliary mounting handle: left or right (as convenient).

Weight: 90/110 kg

Compressed air connection - Minimum 10 bar