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Mechanical chassis measuring tram Autorobot 300MC
Mechanical chassis measuring tram Autorobot 300MC

Mechanical chassis measuring tram Autorobot 300MC

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Mechanical body measuring ruler Autorobot 300MC

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland


The Autorobot mechanical body ruler is one of the newest products in the Autorobot line of measuring systems. It is an advanced 2D measuring device for accurate inspections of car body and body condition and damage documentation. With the new ruler, 2D measurements can be made in a variety of environments. The ruler is based on the unique Autorobot car database (About 60 reference points for the car).

New metering software helps you work with your photos so you can easily find the right metering points. Measurements are made between measurement targets. The results are entered into a computer, software that stores the measured values ​​in a database and shows the differences compared to the car manufacturer's data. Saved data can be printed in separate reports before and after body repairs.

The license for the Autorobot software and database is valid for 18 months from the date of purchase. The database is updated for the first 12 months and without updates for the last 6 months. After 18 months, the database is locked and a license must be purchased. Once purchased, the license is valid for 18 months under the same conditions. License price: 350 € + VAT.


- Measuring ruler, mechanical, 1.2 meters (1 pc.)

- Ruler extension, 0.9 meters (1 pc.)

- Holder for measuring head, 50 mm (2 pcs.)

- Measuring head extension, 100 mm (6 pcs.)

- Autorobot database set DVD-ROM (1 pc.)

- Ruler extension, 0.5 meters (1 pc.)

- Measuring tool set (1 pc.)

- Aluminum portable box (1 pc.)