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Comec TR470 lathes for removed brake discs
Comec TR470 lathes for removed brake discs

Comec TR470 lathes for removed brake discs

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Comec TR470 lathes for removed brake discs

Brand Italy, Warranty 2 years


The TR470 lathe easily and efficiently upgrades brake discs, drums or flywheels for various types of cars and lighter trucks, as well as heavy-duty vehicle discs with dedicated accessories.

- Homogeneous cast iron housing with high mechanical properties ensures excellent durability and strength.

- Practical disc / drum machining knife holder prevents constant holder changes during the transition from disc to drum machining.

- Adjustable speed sliding feed always ensures the highest quality surface finish.

- The adjustable speed has three positions to achieve a cutting speed that always depends on the workpiece diameter.

- Standard equipment, including a 30mm shaft and a large set of centering cones and locking bars, ensures fast and accurate workpiece centering.

Standard equipment:

- Adjustable double set of cutting blades for drilling discs and drums

- Integrated luminaire

- Adjustable disc blade holder (right side)

- Adjustable drum knife holder (left side)

- 30 mm diameter left shaft with nut and wrench

- Washers

- Centering cones

- Clamping rods

- Spring

- Car drum mute bar

- Squeeze the mute disc

- Wrench set

- Instructions


- Min / Max drum size: 150 ÷ ​​710 mm

- Maximum drum depth: 210 mm

- Maximum disc diameter: 860 mm

- Maximum disc depth: 150 mm

- Maximum disc thickness: 60 mm

- Spindle speed: 70-100-145 rpm

- Variable table feeding speed: 0 ÷ 27 mm / min

- Spindle motor: 0.75 kW

- Dimensions: 840x505x510 mm

- Weight: 205 kg