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Comec TCE560 lathe lathe
Comec TCE560 lathe lathe

Comec TCE560 lathe lathe

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Comec TCE560 lathe lathe

Brand Italy, Warranty 2 years


The TCE560 is the perfect machine for machining brake pads right on trucks. Machining is carried out directly on the hub axis of the gear unit or, with certain accessories, on conventional axles (even with a built-in inner bearing).

The machine is supported by a height-adjustable, swiveling and self-adjusting patented trolley that ensures quick and easy alignment operations.

- High speed of 90 rpm (both directions), combined with a continuous feed of 0.6 mm per revolution and an adjustable brake ensure short machining cycles and high surface finish quality, cylindrical and concentricity accuracy. The extremely powerful engine (1.8 kW) allows the machine to work in the toughest conditions (double or triple gearbox, connected transmission shaft, frozen oil, etc.).

The gentle start of the electric device controls the power, so the machine starts working smoothly without interruption.

Standard equipment:

- Swivel and self-adjusting trolley for parking

- Ring adapter for rear Mercedes / MAN hubs

- Inverter for smooth starts and variable speeds

- Turning diameter prepared by the measuring scanner

- Small turning head - 30 mm

- Large turning head - 50 mm

- Integrated dust collection system (without vacuum cleaner)

- Automatic feed stop

- Protective shield

- Wrench set

- Instructions


- Rotation speed: 90 rpm

- Sequential feed: 0.6 mm / rev

- Minimum turning diameter: 230 mm

- Maximum turning diameter: 480 mm

- Maximum depth of brake pads: 290 mm

- Engine power: 1.8 kW (2.5 hp)

- Dimensions: 670x950x1150 mm

- Weight: 160 kg