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Castex sanding box 90l
Castex sanding box 90l

Castex sanding box 90l

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Castex sanding box 90l

Manufacturer: Castex, Poland;


Sanding box, perfect for closed sanding work with small objects.

Technical parameters:

Engine volume: 90 l

Sandblasting tips: 4, 5, 6, 7 mm

Operating pressure: 5 - 7 bar

Observation window: 48.5 x 39.0 cm

Box width: 58.0 cm

Depth of the box: 48.4 cm

Height of the inner end of the box: 35.6 cm

Height of the inside front of the box: 30.5 cm

Total width of the sandbox: 63.0 cm

Total height of the sandbox: 50.0 cm

Total depth of the sanding box (length): 49.3 cm

Voltage: 230 V