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Blasting chamber
Blasting chamber

Blasting chamber

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Blasting chamber

Blasting / sandblasting chamber with manual abrasive recirculation


Camera size: 7000 x 4000 x 3000 mm

Door size: 1 pc. Main doors: 2950 x 2600 mm / 1 pcs. Service door: 800 x 2000 mm

Roof support beams: Beams are made of galvanized 80 x 80 x 3 mm pipes

Wall panels: Made of 3 mm thick iron panels, 6.0T rubber, 48 x 100 x 5.0T U-steel, H-steel.

Manual blasting abrasive recirculation: Without belt conveyor / Without screw conveyor / Without bucket conveyor / Without separator / Without tank

Bottom plate: Made of 3 mm thick steel plate, which simplifies manual abrasive recycling

Air intake: Air intake on the top plate, 6 pcs. With filters and filter housings

Blasting unit: Tank made of 10.0T, valve, 2 pcs. Rifles, focusing hoses 2 pcs.

Cyclonic filtration device: 1 pc. Cyclonic system, 2 mm thick powder-coated steel sheets, cyclonic filtration system can filter dust efficiently and thus make the air in the blasting chamber cleaner. Dust collection box at the bottom.

Dust collector: Made of 3.2T steel plates, included 1 pc. 15 kW fan, 12 pcs filter inserts for chimney, pipe, pulsating shaking system.

Lighting system: Explosion-proof lights, a total of 10 pcs.

Electrical and control system: Pulsation valve, wires, electric control unit; lights: 10 pcs. After 400W explosion-proof lights, fan control, fault indicator, on / off switch, emergency brake.