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Autorobot B15 body leveling stand
Autorobot B15 body leveling stand

Autorobot B15 body leveling stand

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Autorobot B15 body leveling stand

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland;


Autorobot B15 is a patented lift / straightening combination designed to meet a wide range of repair facility requirements. The full-length, 10-tonne body damage repair equipment provides an excellent level of productivity for both small and large repairs. The Autorobot B15 achieves a very wide range of performance levels with a patented ramp and hoist design that allows the stand to perform hoist functions in a variety of jobs, including damage detection, damage repair, measurement and installation / dismantling of automotive parts. The Autorobot B15 is controlled by a remote control, which speeds up the straightening process and makes it easier and more convenient. Thanks to the intelligent design of the lift, the car can be lifted on ramps or with pallets behind the body.

Technical parameters:

Lifting capacity: 3000 kg;

Lifting height: 1.5 m;

Lifting time: 31 s;

Tensile capacity: ~ 10 tons;

Max. car length: 5.5 m;

Required power: 380V + air pressure;

Required free space: 4.5 x 7 m;

Weight: 1400 kg.