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Autorobot 712A multifunctional carriage
Autorobot 712A multifunctional carriage

Autorobot 712A multifunctional carriage

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Autorobot 712A multifunctional carriage

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland, warranty


New multi-purpose trolley designed to relocate damaged vehicles and parts after accidents and to assist in repair and installation. The injured car can be moved by a workshop or on a level surface using its own power. In more difficult conditions, such as on a snowy field, the stroller can be used by towing it in another car. The damaged car can be easily transported from the premises to the site and from the site to the straightening stand.

The car is lifted at one corner of the carriage, for example by jacking up, after which the carriage is placed under the car. The vehicle is attached to the trolley through the wheels. If there are no wheels, the car can be secured with a lifting strap and a belt under the support arm.

This multi-purpose stroller is special with its wheel forks that can be placed in a vertical position. In this way, the trolley acts as a stand and a moving platform for the engine or as a working platform for car windows, doors and other parts. With the additional kit it can act as a work platform and repair antique for various jobs.