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Platform motorcycle brake tester TEN PTLmoto
Platform motorcycle brake tester TEN PTLmoto

Platform motorcycle brake tester TEN PTLmoto

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Platform motorcycle brake tester TEN PTLmoto

TEN Automotive, The Netherlands


Along with the brake stand for passenger cars, TEN Automotive introduces new brake test equipment specifically designed for motorcycles. PTLm is a dynamic brake tester designed to measure live rear and front brake force parameters on a motorcycle. This stand features sturdy platforms coated with a special coating to achieve the highest coefficient of friction even with wet tires. The platform stand is extremely easy to use and requires almost no maintenance. The unique design of polyamide rollers will last a long time.

The motorcycle brake stand is equipped with scales that allow the user to relate the braking force to the weight of the motorcycle. This will show the importance of brake efficiency.

The measured results will be displayed on a digital screen. Both front and rear brake settings will be displayed. The display consists of the latest technologies that ensure fast and accurate setting of measured parameters.

The installation of platform brake stands is very simple. A clean and smooth floor will speed up installation work. The distance between the platforms and the screen can be freely chosen by the customer, thanks to 20 meters of cables


Technical parameters:


- Screen dimensions: 550 x 300 x 70 mm

- Max. Motorcycle weight: 500 kg

- Dimensions of the braking platform: 800 x 550 mm

- Dimensions of the weighing platform: 200 x 550 mm

- Overall dimensions: 1720 x 550 x 46 mm

- Test speed: 5 - 10 km / h

- Plate height: 46 mm

- Measuring range: 0 - 10,000 N

- Power supply: 90 - 250 VAC; 40-50 Hz

- Platform coating: epoxy coating