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Platform brake test stand TEN PTL-5002
Platform brake test stand TEN PTL-5002

Platform brake test stand TEN PTL-5002

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Platform brake test stand TEN PTL-5002


TEN Automotive, The Netherlands




The RIP platform brake tester measures the brake force dynamically and individually for each wheel. These are the only parameters that depict the real situation as it happens in reality.

All RIP stands operate in a fully automatic test mode, no remote control is required for testing. The results can be printed after each test. Further analysis of the brake system can then be performed.

The RIP console incorporates large LED screens for clear and fast display of results with the option to order an IR remote control. The platforms are made of solid steel and are fully galvanized. Thanks to the unique platform sliding system made of polyamide rollers, the RIP stand requires minimal maintenance. The RIP stand is available with two platforms (PTL-5002) or four platforms (PTL-5004).

- Electronic brake test stand with digital display

- Automatic recovery after each test

- Wall-mounted bracket as standard

- Measuring systems with one or two axles are possible

- Pressed T-shaped pattern for maximum grip

- Test speed: 5 - 10 km / h

- Power supply: 90 - 250 VAC / 40 - 50 Hz

- All moving parts are made of stainless steel or polyamide, so no lubrication is required

- Maximum power measurement for the platform: 10,000 N

- Maximum permissible vehicle weight: 5 tons

- Optional accessories available: thermal printer + remote control; pedal pressure gauge