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Comec TD502 truck brake lathe
Comec TD502 truck brake lathe

Comec TD502 truck brake lathe

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Comec TD502 truck brake lathe

Brand Italy, Warranty 2 years


The TD502 lathe raises the standard for turning truck and bus discs

No more wasted time dismantling the drive to work on individual machines. With this device, turning work can be performed directly on the hub.

The machine is mounted on a swiveling, height-adjustable, self-adjusting saddle, which guarantees a perfect fit between the machine and the hub at all times. The homogeneous cast iron machine body has a hollow central part that does not interfere with the positioning of the machine with the truck gearbox. This ensures that the machine is in a very close position to the disk for a more accurate upgrade operation. In addition, a seamless and adjustable feed ensures accurate finishing of any surface.

Standard equipment:

- Swivel and self-adjusting saddle

- L-shaped tool holder on the right

- Left-hand L-shaped tool holder

- Ring adapter

- Wrench set

- instructions


- Minimum / maximum working diameter: 100 ÷ 500 mm

- Maximum disc thickness: 70 mm

- Maximum working width: 150 mm

- Speed: 70 rpm

- Variable feed speed: 0 ÷ 0.3 mm / rpm

- Engine power: 1.5 kW (2 hp)

- Dimensions: 850x650x1050 mm

- Weight: 232 kg