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Car battery charger GYS Flash 102-12 HF
Car battery charger GYS Flash 102-12 HF
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Car battery charger GYS Flash 102-12 HF

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Car battery charger GYS Flash 102-12 HF


GYS, France; Warranty: 24 months




The GYSFLASH 102.12 HF car battery charger is specially designed for wall or car lift mounting. It is a very powerful inverter battery charger that can provide power up to 100A. The GYSFLASH 102.12 will keep the battery voltage perfectly stable at 12V during diagnostic work. Also, this battery charger will provide the best charging cycle recommended during the maintenance of the most advanced cars.

- Charging: for 12V batteries (lead-acid / AGM / gel) from 20 to 1200 Ah

- Diag +: up to 100A power supply for 12V batteries during diagnostic work

- Battery replacement: ensures a stable car power supply during battery replacement, thus helping to save memory settings

- Power supply: adjustable charging voltage and maximum current

- Demonstration mode: the charger compensates for the voltage used in the car itself

- Automatic restart function: the charger remembers the settings in the event of a power failure and restarts automatically

- Cable management and calibration: the charger supports cables up to 2x8 m - 16 mm2

- Lock in display mode: protects against unintentional use, perfect for services and exhibitions

- 4 charging curves available: integrated "light" mode for easier charging for all lead acid batteries

- Ability to activate and set an "advanced" charging curve

- 9-step charging curve ensures maximum battery performance and longevity

- Can resuscitate deep-discharged batteries below 2V (SOS automatic resuscitation)

- Car electronics protection: protection against short circuits, pole reversals and overloads. Anti-spark technology

- Temperature sensor: protects the internal electronics from overheating

- Auto Standby: Turns on when the battery is disconnected

- Optional purchase of a slip or magnetic storage system for the equipment


Technical parameters:


- Power supply: 220 - 240V AC / 1 phase / 50-60Hz

- Power: 1600W

- Charging current: 100A

- Supported batteries: 12V

- Battery capacity: 20 - 1200 Ah

- Fuse: 125A

- Dimensions: 295 x 117 x 345 mm

- Weight: 5.8 kg

- Code: 029606