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Autorobot B30 body leveling stand
Autorobot B30 body leveling stand

Autorobot B30 body leveling stand

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Autorobot B30 body leveling stand

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland; Warranty: 12 months


The Autorobot B30 Super body straightening system works with double-acting hydraulics, which makes straightening by pulling, pushing and pulling / pushing combined extremely easy. The mounting time of the car is minimized because the squeegees are hydraulically adjustable. The straightening base adjusts along the length, from front to rear, to work with cars of different lengths. The towing tower is made of high quality aluminum, which makes the tower light enough to be easy to operate.

The B30 bench body leveling technology is unmatched by any other system on the market. This stand handles both light and complex speeds that have never been seen before. For example:

Changing the horizontal tension angle of the tension / push tower by 45% takes 4 seconds;

Assembling the horizontal beam for straightening the car's side structures takes 5 seconds;

It takes about 20 seconds to place the chain on the upper pulley to pull it up (with the stand lowered).

Technical parameters:

Lifting capacity: 3000 kg;

Lifting height: 1.5 m;

Tensile capacity: ~ 10 tons;

Pushing capacity: ~ 6 tons;

Max. car length: 6.5 m;

Voltage: 3 phases 380-400 V;

Required free space: 4.5 x 9 m;

Weight: 2600 kg.