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Wheel washer Kart Wulkan 360HP
Wheel washer Kart Wulkan 360HP

Wheel washer Kart Wulkan 360HP

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WULKAN 360HP - wheel washing equipment. For all types of wheels for cars and vans that have rims and tires up to 360 mm wide. Together with pneumatic wheel stabilization and water heating systems.

Manufacturer - Kart (Poland); Warranty 24 months


Fully automatic;

Washing machines use a washing method consisting of water, Wulkan MIX granules and Wulkan Turbo washing concentrate;

They operate under a closed water system;

Uses a natural self-cleaning method based on the sedimentation phenomenon;

Easy to install and use;

Saves energy;

Organic products;

High efficiency of the washing process;

Low operating costs.

About the Wulkan 360HP:

Triple sound insulation;

Control computer;

Software in 6 languages;

Anti-vibration rubber feet;

The settling tank is separated from the washing chamber;

New type of design;

Easy to use.

A mobile version for wheels is also available.

Heating system:

Heater power: 4 kW

Water heating time up to 50 ° C: 60 - 120 min

Overheat protection

Standard equipment:

Wulkan MIX granules 25 kg;

Pellet bag;

Wulkan Turbo washing concentrate 30 L;

Plastic protective cover.

Rubber anti-slip mat;

Additionally, you can order:

 Pneumatic wheel jack;

Technical data:

Wheel diameter range: 560 - 800 mm

Wheel width range: 135 - 360 mm

Maximum wheel weight: 60 kg

Washing times, factory set (adjustable, 3 programs): 20, 40, 60 sec

Drying time set at the factory (adjustable, 1 program): 15 sec

Water heating time up to 50ºC: 60 - 120 min;

Heater power: 4 kW;

Pump drives 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz, 5.5 kW: 2900 rpm

Pump capacity: 600 LPM

Driven wheels: 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz, 0.37 kW: 930 rpm

Motors and drive power: 6 kW,

Water pressure: 4 bar

Water volume: 300 l

Quantity: Wulkan MIX granules 20 kg

Volume Wulkan TURBO washing concentrate: 3 l

Compressed air operating pressure: 8 - 12 bar

Acoustic power level: 87.1 dB

Dimensions (width x depth x height): 960 x 1212 x 1450 mm,

Weight 330 kg