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Shock absorber test stand Unimetal TUZ-1 / L
Shock absorber test stand Unimetal TUZ-1 / L

Shock absorber test stand Unimetal TUZ-1 / L

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Shock absorber test stand Unimetal TUZ-1 / L

Unimetal, Poland; Warranty: 12 months


This test bench is designed to test the performance of car shock absorbers up to 3.5 tonnes. The equipment can operate independently or as an integral part of the UNILINE QUANTUM 2000 Diagnostic Check Line.
This equipment tests the vehicle's response to the vibrations it produces. Shock absorber parameters are measured on the basis of EUSAMA principles. The bench expresses the wheel grip as a percentage.
Internal protection mechanisms allow trucks to pass through this bench without any additional protective covers.

Technical parameters:

- Maximum axle load during measurement: 2 tonnes
- Maximum axle load during transit: 18 tonnes
- Test board dimensions: 640 x 274 mm
- Vibration amplitude: 6 mm
- Vibration frequency: 0 - 24 Hz
- Clearance: 900 - 2200 mm
- Power supply: 400V three-phase
- Measurements based on EUSAMA

Standard equipment:

- Control panel
- Radio remote control
- Plastic coatings on measuring plates for protection against dirt and water

Additional equipment:

- Suspension clearance check function