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AC Hydraulic UL2 work platform
AC Hydraulic UL2 work platform

AC Hydraulic UL2 work platform

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AC Hydraulic UL2 work platform

AC-Hydraulic, Denmark; Warranty: 3 years for hydraulics and 10 years for body parts


This lift is used on trucks, tractors and buses with one front axle and up to three rear axles

Ready to go: the equipment is factory tested with columns already installed in the hot-dip galvanized housing and ready for installation in the desired location

All crossbeams and swivels are lowered to floor level along the entire length of the lift

The front column is fixed, the rear column is moved

The lift is controlled by an easy-to-use touch screen remote control that provides information on a variety of things, including lift height and weight.

The double nickel-plated surface coating protects the columns from corrosion and ensures a long service life

Two independent hydraulic circuits in each column ensure optimum safety: one circuit will retain full weight if required

CE certificates

Technical specifications:

Lifting capacity: 2 x 15 t

Step: 1900 mm

Columns / from which are moved: 2/1

Housing length: 8700 mm

Housing width: 1030 mm

Distance between lifting points: 2500 - 7500 mm

Lifting / lowering time: 80 sec

Power requirements: 12 kW

Grease volume per column: 25 l

Weight: 4.6 t