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электронный свет тестер Tecnolux Lyra L1 12505
электронный свет тестер Tecnolux Lyra L1 12505

электронный свет тестер Tecnolux Lyra L1 12505

  • Mодель: BD12170
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электронный свет тестер Tecnolux Lyra L1 12505

Headlight tester equipped with news photocells technology electronic board enabling all headlights types reading. The unit is complete with LCD display and 'membrane keyboard guiding the operator with few easy and simple touches during the test.

• The aluminum column is equipped with an ergonomic knob; operator could move the optical box setting right height simply releasing the knob 
• The wide sized optical box is equipped with a 230 mm pure glass lens; thermoformed cover and a wide display complete with icons is guiding the operator through all operations 
• Structure specifications enable a deviation check on light mechanical position of 1cm/10 meters 
• Optical box has both RS232Port and USB Port 
• The steel molded base covered by a thermoformat is equipped with a 3 adjustable in height wheels to obtain a perfect floor leveling 
Available Reading: halogen, xenon, led, low beam, high beam, fog beam; Beam Pattern: European left/right hand driving; Available Languages: 5; Communication protocol: existing Net1, Net2, Giegnet, GiegLan - To be implemented at market request; Software update : RS232 Port Connectivity: RS232, WiFi, Bluetooth