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Welding machine JASIC TIG 200P W212
Welding machine JASIC TIG 200P W212

Welding machine JASIC TIG 200P W212

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Welding machine JASIC TIG 200P W212


Digital control, MCU technology, automatic parameter saving

IGBT inverter technology

The 80 KHz frequency allows the creation of a device with lower weight and higher performance

The multifunctional design meets a variety of welding needs

Suitable for use with a generator

Less spatter, stable arc and good formation



WP-26K-E TIG torch, 3m 16mm² ground cable + terminal + KDP-50, 1 pc. KDP-50


High frequency TIG

Advance gas supply

Current increase and decrease

Pulse frequency control

TIG with bow lift

Automatic saving of parameters

Pulse peak and base current regulation

Adhesion protection

Hot arc lighting

Integrated arc forcing function

2T / 4T / spot welding

Overheating indicator

Current indicator


Technical data:

Rated input voltage: AC 230V ± 15% 1 phase. 50/60 Hz

Input current: 41 A

Rated input power: 9.4 KW

TIG output range: 10 ~ 200A

MMA output range: 10 ~ 180A

Gas supply shutdown delay: 0 ~ 10

Current reduction: 0 ~ 10

Arc lighting: HF

Unloaded voltage: 60

Duty cycle 100%: 118 A

Duty cycle 60%: 153A

Duty cycle 35%: 200A

Electrode diameter: 1.5 ~ 4.0 mm

Performance: 0.85

Protection class: IP22S

Insulation class: F

Dimensions: 365 x 135 x 277 mm

Weight: 5.9 kg