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Welding machine JASIC TIG 180P W211 TIG
Welding machine JASIC TIG 180P W211 TIG

Welding machine JASIC TIG 180P W211 TIG

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Welding machine JASIC TIG 180P W211 TIG

Manufacturer - Jasic


Digital control, MCU technology, automatic parameter saving;

IGBT inverter technology;

The 80 KHz frequency allows the creation of an apparatus with lower weight and dimensions for higher performance;

The multifunctional design meets a variety of welding needs;

Suitable for use with a generator;

Less spatter, stable arc and good shaping;



WP-26K-E TIG burner;

3m 16mm² ground cable;

Terminal + KDP-50, 1 pc. KDP-50.


High frequency TIG;

Advance gas supply;

Current increase and decrease;

Pulse frequency regulation;

TIG with bow lift;

Automatic saving of parameters;

Pulse peak and base current regulation;

Adhesion protection;

Hot arc lighting;

Integrated arc forcing function;

2T / 4T / spot welding;

Overheating indicator;

Current indicator;



Rated input voltage: AC 230V ± 15%, 50/60 Hz;

Input current: 26 A;

Rated input power: 6 KW;

TIG output range: 10 ~ 180A;

MMA output range: 10 ~ 160A;

Gas supply shutdown delay: 0 ~ 10;

Current reduction: 0 ~ 10;

Arc lighting: HF;

Unloaded voltage: 60;

Duty cycle 100%: 106 A;

Duty cycle 60%: 138 A;

Duty cycle 35%: 180 A;

Electrode diameter: 1.5 ~ 3.25 mm;

Performance: 0.85;

Protection class: IP22S;

Insulation class: F;

Dimensions: 365 x 135 x 277 mm;

Weight: 5.9 kg.