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Welding machine JASIC MIG 350 380V 3ph J93
Welding machine JASIC MIG 350 380V 3ph J93

Welding machine JASIC MIG 350 380V 3ph J93

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Welding machine JASIC MIG 350 380V 3ph J93

Manufacturer - Jasic


JASIC MIG 350 380V 3ph J93 - This welding machine is based on advanced inverter (converter) technology. Thanks to high power component IGBT transistors and pulsed frequency modulation (PWM) technology, the inverter converts direct current (DC) voltage, which is converted from mains 50Hz / 60Hz alternating current (AC) voltage to high frequency 20kHz alternating current (AC) voltage; as a result, the voltage is changed and equalized.

This product features:

IGBT transistor converter technology, current regulation, high quality, stable operation;

Closed reverse circuit with constant voltage output, capable of handling voltage fluctuations of ± 15%;

Stable welding work, low spatter, deep melting of the product, excellent welding seam formation;

Slower wire feeding for arc ignition, cutting of the formed ball after boiling, successful arc ignition;

Suitable for welding medium thickness metal sheets thicker than 0.8 mm;

Small, light, easy to use, economical, practical.

The efficiency of this machine can reach 85% and save 30% of energy compared to traditional semi-automatic welding machines.


Input voltage (V): AC 400V ± 15% (3 phases), 50/60 Hz;

Rated input current: 22.8 A;

Rated power supply: 15 KVA;

MMA welding current range: 20 ~ 350 A;

MIG current range: 50 ~ 350 A;

MIG voltage range: 15 ~ 38 V;

No-load voltage: 59 V;

Wire feed speed range: 1.5 ~ 15 m / min;

Suitable electrode diameter: 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm;

Duty cycle Imax (40ºC): 40%;

Duty cycle 100% (40ºC): 220A;

Duty cycle 60% (40ºC): 280A;

Yield: 85%;

Power factor: 0.93

Protection class: IP21S;

Insulation class: F;

Size: 900 x 400 x 670 mm;

Weight: 51 kg.