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Welding equipment JASIC MIG 200 1ph N220
Welding equipment JASIC MIG 200 1ph N220

Welding equipment JASIC MIG 200 1ph N220

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Welding equipment JASIC MIG 200 1ph N220

Manufacturer - Jasic


Inverter type semi-automatic machine JASIC MIG-200 N220. Suitable for shielding gas welding (MIG / MAG) - it is a leading inverter technology, ease of operation and high efficiency, which ensures maximum efficiency in repair and installation work in construction and industry.

Field of application

Welding inverters JASIC MIG-200 N220 are designed for semi-automatic shielding gas welding of low carbon and low alloy steel parts, as well as for powder wire welding and manual arc welding. The devices are designed for professionals who have strict quality requirements.

Model features and capabilities:

Hot Start;

Arc Force;

Arc excitation (Lift);

Overheating protection;

Integrated fan;

Convenient transportation of a semi-automatic machine;

Power supply from a generator;

Stable bow;

Information on welding parameters is displayed on a digital display;

Idle (no gas) button required to insert the wire into the feed mechanism;

Possibility to work in case of voltage drops up to 15%;

Possibility to use a burner water cooling unit.


Catering: 220;

Welding current regulation range: 25-200 / 10-200 А (MIG / MMA);

Electrode diameter: 1.6-4.0 mm;

Wire diameter from coil: 0.6-1.0 mm;

Size: 885x185x370 mm;

Weight: 12.5 kg;

Warranty: 12 months;

Made in China;

Welding modes: MIG, MAG, MMA DC (rapid polarity change of welding current);

Power consumption (kVA): 7.1;

Duty cycle with maximum welding current: 60%;

Transistor type: IGBT;

Protection class: IP21S;

Insulation class: F.