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Truck mounted cranes 7500kg ATH RG7.5-4
Truck mounted cranes 7500kg ATH RG7.5-4

Truck mounted cranes 7500kg ATH RG7.5-4

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Truck mounted cranes 7500kg ATH RG7.5-4

Country of origin: ATH-Heinl (Germany); Warranty 36 months


- The highest quality production process using laser cutting and robot welding technologies

- Robust, virtually maintenance-free chassis

- 4 mobile columns can be flexibly positioned thanks to long connecting cables, can be easily expanded to 6 column systems

- The columns can be moved easily and safely thanks to the manual hydraulic jack-lift

- The control unit on each column, lifting and lowering is controlled by buttons

- Control can be switched between control of all columns and control of one column

- Lifting mechanism with non-wearable trapezoidal screw motor, self-locking bronze lifting nut and low-maintenance rail motor

- A protective nut is provided to protect the caliper nut in the event of a breakage

- Powder-coated columns, anthracite gray

- Perfect for lifting trucks and buses

Additional equipment:

- Adapter for smaller wheels

- Mobile support

Technical data:

- Lifting capacity per column: 7500 kg

- Max. lifting height: 1760 mm

- Lifting time with load: 180 s

- Lowering time with load: 180 s

- propulsion: 3.0 kW

- Power supply: Three-phase 400 V, 50 Hz

- Fuse protection: 3C32 A

- Weight: 3180 kg