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Torque wrench 40 ~ 200N.M, 1/2 "
Torque wrench 40 ~ 200N.M, 1/2 "

Torque wrench 40 ~ 200N.M, 1/2 "

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Torque wrench 40 ~ 200N.M, 1/2 "

Manufacturer Stahlberg, Germany


Adjustable nut tightening in the range of 40 - 200 Nm. Suitable for use in almost all areas of industrial production. Classified with DIN EN ISO 6789: 2003 Type II Class A certificate. Operating accuracy + -3% tolerance of the specified torque scale. 1/2 "square coupling with ball lock. Automatic quick start with audible and audible signal. Dual scale graduated in 5 Nm and 5 lbf-ft

Lightweight and sturdy device suitable for the workshop environment. No inaccuracies even when using both hands or away from the handle. Both the square joint and the pivot point are on the same axis, ensuring user safety. It can be extended to make the job easier for the user.

Extremely low wear due to the unique lever mechanism

- Maximum accuracy even with intensive and constant use.

- Code: GR-1501-12