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The ozone generator produces ozone during its operation. It is a substance like that that occurs outdoors after a thunderstorm or in pine forests as pines emit ozone. We have all been in the pine forests, so we know perfectly well what clean air there is that we breathe. The only difference is that the ozone concentration is very low there, and you cannot leave the ozonator on for a long time indoors. Because inhaling high concentrations of ozone would rupture the alveoli of the lungs. Therefore, when disinfecting the premises or ozonating the car interior, it is necessary to open the windows and leave to ventilate for at least a few minutes.

     The device is successfully used by car interior washing companies and car workshops, which provide disinfection services for car interiors, cargo compartments and refrigerators, minibuses and car air conditioning systems. One of the main good features of the device is that its operation does not require any operating costs. The ozone generated completely destroys known viruses, bacteria, spores, mold, etc. in all hard-to-reach places. (namely, what causes an unpleasant odor, allergy, sneezing, runny nose), thus performing a complete disinfection. To date, no microorganism, bacteria, spores and viruses are known to be destroyed by ozone.

     Ozone is an environmentally friendly cleaning technology. This is one of the best ways to clean a room or car interior of germs, bacteria, or chemicals harmful to humans. Ozone, produced by an ozonator, is converted to simple oxygen by interaction with microbiological substances. It is scientifically proven that ozonated air is not harmful to humans at all, on the contrary, after a disinfected room, the human respiratory system recovers.

     The ozone generator can be successfully used and found for indoor use. Thanks to the high level of efficiency, the devices are well suited for use on buses and larger bodies, and disinfect car bodies extremely quickly.

     What are the advantages for your car service and what services can you offer to your customers:

  • You can offer customers a complete disinfection of the interior of a car or other vehicle. So your customers will be calm so that no bacteria are left on the surfaces. From now on, you could inform us that your customers' cars have been completely disinfected.
  • New services for large transport fleets - buy an ozonator, contact bus fleets, commercial transport companies, taxi companies and let us know that during this quarantine period you can disinfect the salons of their transport fleet. Remember that this is not dry cleaning, as chemical cleaning of the cabin does not remove bacteria such as viruses. This can only be removed by ozonators.
  • Ozone generators completely eliminate unpleasant odors in spaces and on surfaces (cars, premises, homes, cold storage rooms, etc.),
  • Ozonators are an effective tobacco odor removal tool in car interiors.
  • It is an effective food and animal deodorizer.
  • Quickly destroys all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, spores, molds, parasites, etc.) from various surfaces.
  • You do not need any regular maintenance, any additional materials or fluids.
  • The equipment does not use any environmentally hazardous liquids and does not leave sediments.

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