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Iveco Diagnostinis rinkinys ECI FPT
Iveco Diagnostinis rinkinys ECI FPT
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Iveco Diagnostinis rinkinys ECI FPT

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Iveco Diagnostic Kit ECI FPT


The electronic intelligent system makes it easy to diagnose the electronic control units in the vehicle using the ECI communication module.

The software interface is designed to provide easy access to tools, overview features, and to make diagnostic procedures clear and adaptable to a variety of applications.

With this equipment you can:

- Perform active ECU diagnostics

- Perform parameter programming

- Perform engine tests

- View charts


- Eltrac communication interface

- 30-connector cable

- OBD2 cable

- USB cable

Supported software:

- Iveco E.A.SY 14.1

The software is designed for easy module scanning and communication creation.

Additionally available:

- Notebook

- Iveco AN calculator for special programming

- Iveco Power 2016 Spare Parts