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Gudepol screw compressor 500L 1500l / min 10bar
Gudepol screw compressor 500L 1500l / min 10bar

Gudepol screw compressor 500L 1500l / min 10bar

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Gudepol screw compressor 500L 1500l / min 10bar

Country of origin: Gudepol, Poland, Warranty: 5 years

The Gudepol line of screw compressors HIT is a new line of compressors for use in workshops, workshops and other small offices. SMART compressors are compact and modern in design, with high reliability and high technical standards. Low maintenance costs, fully integrated accessories such as dehumidifiers and compressed air filters. Continuous and constant operating level, 68 dB sound level, microprocessor control.

- The operating parameters have been selected according to the requirements of the workshop and workshop.

- Reliable equipment: The use of high-quality materials in production and modern design ensure that your expectations will be met.

- Thanks to the microprocessor, you will be able to see all the operating parameters of the compressor.

- The compressor has been designed with the user in mind, making it easy to change parts.

System components:

Control board L9:

The SMART line of compressors is equipped with a microprocessor control system that informs the user about the operation of the compressor. An easy-to-read screen that displays information about:

- Compressor faults, specific warning codes

- Propeller operating temperature

- Total number of hours in operating mode

- Time before technical inspection

Automatic system:

A modern automation system made of high quality parts protects the compressor from:

- Voltage drops;

- Phase disappearances;

- Engine overload;

- Excessive oil temperature;

- Oil temperature too low.

- Unbalanced propeller start-up.

Air-oil cooler:

Highly efficient, double-acting cooler for maintaining optimal operating parameters in the compressor. The cooler module is connected using high temperature resistance hydraulic lines.

The upper part of the compressor is ready for connection to the duct system to extract hot air.

Propeller system:

The compressor intake system is one of the best on the market, with good performance in proportion to engine power. Reliable belt drive ensures orderly and uninterrupted operation of the compressor. The advanced oil filtration system ensures a small amount of oil in the compressed air (<4ppm).

Sound insulation:

The inside of the compressor housing is covered with sound-insulating material, which means that the noise level of the compressor is only 68dB

Technical parameters:

Capacity: 90 m3 / h

Capacity: 1500 l / min

Bako capacity: 500 L

Max. Pressure: 10 bar

Engine power: 11 kW

Power supply: 400V

Noise level: 70 dB

Dimensions: 198 x 77 x 142 cm

Weight: 360 kg