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Four - column hydraulic lift 5500kg ATH 55
Four - column hydraulic lift 5500kg ATH 55

Four - column hydraulic lift 5500kg ATH 55

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Four - column hydraulic lift 5500kg ATH 55

Country of origin: ATH-Heinl (Germany); Warranty 3 years

High quality: production by laser cutting and robot welding ensures high precision.

 Long-lasting technology: Durable and less sensitive hydraulic motor requires almost no maintenance.

 Wide range of applications: for passenger cars with a long base; platform length 5.50 m, one platform continuously adjustable.

 High adaptability: Can be used universally with flat platforms and rails for additional sliding jack.

 High functionality: the perfect lift for headlight adjustment thanks to a recess system for platform adjustment.

 Convenient work: just drive around and you can work, no lifting paws.

 Easy access: The two-part access ramps are hinged, making them perfect for a lowered car.

 Easy operation: Raise and lower at the touch of a button on the control panel.

 Extremely safe: Pneumatic cut-out unlocking, protection against loose cables, emergency lowering system in the event of a fault.

 Modern design: the lift is coated with powdered, anthracite gray paint.

 Ideal lift for car repairs and headlight adjustment.

Lift technical data:

Lifting capacity: 5500 kg

Max. lifting height: 1840 mm

Supply voltage: 3 / 400V / 50Hz

Power: 2.2 kW

Total weight: 1460 kg

Fuse protection: 3C16 A

Lift height: 196 mm

Strength of concrete: C20 / 25

Spacing between columns: 800 to 1100 mm

Overall width of the platform: 490 mm

Total length of the platform: 5190 mm

Base depth without floor covering: 200 mm

Lifting / lowering time: 45/42 s

Hydraulic oil volume: 18 l

Package size: 5350 x 550 x 1280 mm

Compressed air connection: 8 bar