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Error Code Recorder LAUNCH CRecorder
Error Code Recorder LAUNCH CRecorder

Error Code Recorder LAUNCH CRecorder

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Error Code Recorder LAUNCH CRecorder

Don't be fooled by Chinese clones that are destined for other markets. Launch devices are manufactured for the European / US / Russian / Chinese markets. Buying one of these devices will make a difference in function and in the set. You will also not be able to receive updates and warranties throughout Europe.

Warranty 1 year

Instant errors are a nightmare for all diagnostic professionals, so LAUNCH has developed a data logger to help diagnose such errors. Simply connected to the diagnostic equipment, it records and stores all OBD data relating to any existing or only momentary errors. Data is recorded while driving. They can be viewed by transferring them to a computer via a USB cable. The data is analyzed in a table or graphically. This is a device that transfers service equipment directly to your vehicle.

Data storage is possible on vehicles with OBDII and EOBD connections. Recording can take up to 24 hours. The compact design and functionality of this device turns it into a car black box. Searching for instant errors in the car's control system is a very important feature, as it is very difficult to detect such errors while the vehicle is stationary or inactive. And with this machine you can do it very simply. Just plug it in and start driving!

Features of LAUNCH CRecorder:

  • Simple tool with compact design for automatic data recording without user intervention.
  • Simple menu management and data display;
  • USB connection;
  • Last 24 hours data collection and recording;
  • Operates via OBDII / CANBUS (16 pin) connector.

Protocols supported by LAUNCH CRecorder:

  • OBDII: ISO9141, SAE J1850VPW; SAE PWM;
  • EOBD-ISO 14230KPW;
  • CANBUS: ISO15765.